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“I’m not much of a dancer.”
Pulp Fiction (1994)

Mac Demarco at Rhinoceropolis 7/13/14

Anonymous asked: I don't think you're unattractive and I'm an example of someone who tries to flirt with you but either you don't notice or you're not interested.

Honestly i am not good at knowing whether people are flirting with me as it never happens in real life and i normally think guys are taking the piss. Sorry if i have left you feeling frustrated but i genuinely dont know who you are as like i say i dont really know when people flirt with me as i really dont think it happens.



Disclosure Howard & Guy - DJ Set @ World Trade Center - Manila
by ycamacy

Marilyn Monroe photographed by John Florea, 1951

On my way to steal your guuurl…

I feel so disgusting about myself i just wish i was someone else


Never felt this shit about myself before, so fat it’s disgusting

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